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Dog muzzle

The muzzle  you needed for your dog to travel with you by Metro.

Nylon muzzle with padded inner lining, adjustable, allows the dog to keep its mouth open but not bite. The muzzle has the Metro logo embroidered on one side and is available in the following sizes:

a) Size S muzzle strap from 14 to 20 cm, neck strap from 12 to 25 cm.

b) Size M muzzle strap from 18 to 34 cm, neck strap from 16 to 30 cm.

c) Size L muzzle strap 25 to 38 cm, neck strap 20 to 35 cm.

Dog leash

100% nylon strap with an approximate length of 100 cm. The textile fabric includes the colors of Metro de Madrid.

All metal applications are stainless steel.

Metro pet's bowl

Pet's bowls, made of stainless steel. They include the metro logo and non-slip rubber on the base. in three sizes to suit your lpets:

S: inner diameter 14.5 cm.

M: inner diameter 16.5 cm.

L: inner diameter 18 cm.

Metro de Madrid dog leash

Dog leash, made of nylon, in different colors, with  a reflective strip.

Approximate measurements:

a) Size S: 8 mm x 40 cm (small dogs)

b) Size M: 10 mm x 40 cm (medium dogs)

c) Size L: 13mm x 50 cm (large dogs)