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Goma de borrar rombo

PVC eraser,white,diamond-shaped.


Wall calendar 23.5 cm wide x 45 high, with the perfect space to write down your pending tasks.

Inspired by the visual Signage used in Metro de Madrid, each month represent one of the 12 lines of our net. You can also check the previous and subsequent months thanks to the thumbnails that appear at the bottom of each page.

Don’t miss our limited-edition calendar! 

Notebook with map of Metro

A5-size spiral notebook (105 x 210 mm), with the lines of the map of Metro de Madrid on the front and back covers.

Interior made up of 200 white sheets with classic grid pattern.

Ideal as a gift when combined with pencil and eraser with map of Metro.

Pencil with map of Metro

Pencil with print of line of the map of Metro de Madrid. Graphite pencil with an eraser at one end.

Ideal accessory for any desk.

Measurement: 18.5 cm.

Eraser with map of Metro

White eraser made of synthetic rubber, measuring 4 x 3 centimetres, with a wrapping with a print of the map of Metro de Madrid. Perfect to go with our pencil and notebook with the map of Metro.

Old Metro post pencil cap

On the occasion of the centenary of Metro de Madrid, we have reused the old pole that formerly signalled the entrances to the Metro next to the arch.

Crown your favourite pencil with this regal style symbol.

Retro notepade with photo of Metro in 1960s

Classic notepad measuring 9.5 x 14 centimetres, with laminated covers in 300-gram paper.

Ivory paper inside. 160 pages sewn in with thread.

Front and back covers decorated with photos from a Metro de Madrid advertising campaign in the 1960s, with photos from the historical archives of Metro de Madrid.

USB stick with Metro logo

Save your files inside the most famous diamond ever.

This small Metro de Madrid diamond encases a practical 4 GB USB stick, which you can take anywhere.

Made of soft PVC.

Size: 7.3 x 4.5 x 0.9 cm.